European grants

  • H2020 Research and Innovation Action (RIA) - GA Number 101003551 "EXaSCale smArt pLatform Against paThogEns for Corona Virus" Acronimo EXSCALATE4CoV – CUP E64I20000400006. Durata 18 mesi. Responsabile scientifico prof. Vincenzo Summa

  • MSCA Grant Agreement number: 897911 "Functional mechanism of heparinbinding hemagglutinin adhesin from Mycobacterium tuberculosis" Acronimo HADES Heparin binding hemagglutinin ADESin – CUP E69C20000530006. Durata 2 anni. Responsabile scientifico Maria Romano.

  • Consolidator Grant – GA number: 819644 "Order and Disorder at the Surface of Biological Membranes" Acronimo BioDisOrder – CUP E64I19002960006. Durata 5 anni. Responsabile scientifico Alfonso De Simone.

  • MSCA-RISE – Proposal number: 823939 "Green Enantioselective Halogenation for Drug Discovery and Manufacture" Acronimo GreenX4Drug. Durata 4 anni. Responsabile scientifico Paolo Grieco.

PRIN- National Interest Research Projects

  • PRIN 2015 - New perspectives in the multitarget approach for the treatment of multiform glioblastoma. Coordinator Luciana Marinelli (research group MedChem).
  • PRIN 2015 - Top-down and Bottom-up approach in the development of new bioactive chemical entities inspired on natural products scaffolds.
    Coordinator Angela Zampella (research groups  LiRiSyMNATLEAD and NPBiotech).
  • PRIN 2015 - Anti-inflammatory activity of Glucocorticoids: new mediators and regulation of T lymphocytes activity.
    Coordinator Raffaella Sorrentino (research group GA.RE.G).
  • PRIN 2015 - The role of metabolic pathway of hydrogen sulphide in chronic obstructive pulmonary bronchopathy and pulmonary fibrosis: definition of potential therapeutic targets.
    Coordinator Giuseppe Cirino (research group GA.RE.G).
  • PRIN 2015 - Towards multi-stage drugs to fight poverty related and neglected parasitic diseases: synthetic and natural compounds directed against Leishmania, Plasmodium and Schistosoma life stages and assessment of their mechanisms of action.
    Coordinator Caterina Fattorusso (research group NeaCADD).
  • PRIN 2015 - Biological and pharmacological HDAC inhibitors in a genetic model of epilepsy and in experimental pain models: role of the microbiome and SCFAs.
    Coordinator Antonio Calignano (research group MiBut).
  • PRIN 2012 - Identification, sustainable synthesis, and efficacy of new molecular drugs in nervoussystem cancer.
    Coordinator Luciana Marinelli (research group MedChem).
  • PRIN 2012 - The endocannabinoid system as a possible target for the treatment of obesity-related disorders.
    Coordinator Roberto Russo (research group PHAMED).
  • PRIN 2012 - New pharmacological targets for the treatment of chronic pain: involvement of peripheral and central immune-inflammatory system.
    Coordinator Angela Ianaro (research group GA.RE.G).

AIRC - Italian Association for Cancer Research

  • AIRC 2016 - Bio-inspired G-quadruplex binders: from nucleobases to new anticancer therapeutics. Coordinator Mariateresa Giustiniano (research group MedChem).
  • AIRC 2016 - Targeting DNA i-motif structures: a new frontier in anticancer therapy. Coordinator Antonio Randazzo (research group MedChem).
  • AIRC 2015 - Deorphanization of GPCRs upregulated in glioblastoma. Digging into unexplored receptors to find new anticancer drugs. Coordinator Mariano Stornaiuolo (research group MedChem).
  • AIRC 2015 - G-quadruplex-binding proteins and their functional relevance in human cancer cells. Coordinator Bruno Pagano (research group MedChem).
  • AIRC 2014 - Strategies to drive chemotherapeutics to solid tumors: multifunctional nanoparticles from tailor-made block copolymers. Coordinator Fabiana Quaglia (research group DelTech).
  • AIRC 2013 - Targeting telomeric DNA/RNA G-quadruplexes in human tumor cells. Coordinator Antonio Randazzo (research group MedChem).


  • FIRB 2013 - Spectroscopic and structural characterization of proteasome inhibitors. Coordinator Marco Persico (research group NeaCADD).
  • FIRB 2013 - Development of drugs that selectively activate or inhibit the Na + / Ca2+ exchanger isoforms to improve learning and memory deficits. Coordinator Francesco Frecentese (research group PS-MEDCHEM).
  • FIRB 2013 - G-quadruplex forming aptamers for the treatment of prion diseases. Coordinator Bruno Pagano (research group MedChem)
  • FIRB 2013 - Role of glia and immune-inflammatory cells in chronic pain: identification of new pharmacological targets in analgesia and peripheral and central neuroinflammation. Coordinator Elisabetta Panza (research group GA.RE.G).

University grants

  • Progetto di Ateneo 2017-2018 - G4 in oncogene promoters as targets for anticancer drug discovery. Coordinator Concetta Giancola (research group MedChem).
  • Progetto di Ateneo 2017-2018 - Developing new antimicrobial weapons by combination of peptides and lipopeptides with cyclodextryn. Coordinators Alfonso Carotenuto and Agnese Miro (research group PS-MEDCHEM e DelTech).
  • Progetto di Ateneo 2017-2018 - Design and synthesis of mimetics of SOCS proteins as modulators of JAK/STAT pathway with potential therapeutic application in inflammation processes-SOCSs' mimetic compounds. Coordinator Daniela Marasco (research group PepNanoMed).
  • Progetto di Ateneo 2017-2018 - Discovery of new ligands, specifically targeting bile acid receptors, for the treatment of liver and metabolic disorders-BARLIG. Coordinator  Angela Zampella (research group LiRiSyM).
  • Progetto di Ateneo 2017-2018 - Serotonin 7 Receptor Targeting in Neurodevelopment (SET-NEURO). Coordinator Carla Perrone Capano (research group PlaN).
  • Progetto di Ateneo 2017-2018 - Role of CD73/adenosine/A2A pathway in the modulation of inflammatory Processes. Coordinator Carla Cicala (research group IDEALCARE).
  • Progetto di Ateneo 2017-2018 - Role of palmitoylethanolamide and its hydrolytic enzyme N-acylethanolamine hydrolyzing acid amidase in inflammation-driven colon carcinogenesis. Coordinator Francesca Borrelli (research group BIOFIFA).

Other grants

  • Italian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (FFC) 2017 (Italy) - Enabling pulmonary delivery of siRNA in cystic fibrosis lung inflammation: therapeutic potential of hybrid lipid/polymer nanoparticles. Responsabile scientifico Francesca Ungaro (research group DelTech).
  • FOE 2016 - Project ISBE (Infrastructure for System Biology Europe). Local coordinator Nicola Borbone (research group SynBioLab).
  • Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Grant 2016 (USA) - New inhalable compounds against the CF pathogen Burkholderia cenocepacia. Coordinator Francesca Ungaro (research group DelTech).
  • Italian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (FFC) 2015 (Italy) - Inhalable formulations of new molecules effective against Burkholderia cenocepacia: from in vitro to in vivo applications. Coordinator Francesca Ungaro (research group DelTech).
  • Italian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (FFC) 2013-2014 (Italy) - Inhalable dry powders for chemically-modified human Cationic AntiMicrobial Peptides (CAMPs): moving toward in vivo. Coordinator Francesca Ungaro (research group DelTech).
  • Italian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (FFC) 2012 (Italy) - Anti-virulence therapy against Pseudomonas aeruginosa: identification of antibiofilm drugs and development of inhalable Niclosamide and Flucytosine formulations  Coordinator Francesca Ungaro (research group DelTech).
  • Regione Campania Funds 2016 - Scientific partnerships with Regione Campania for a pilot project aimed at monitoring the presence of cyanobacteria in coastal waters. Local Coordinator Valeria Costantino (research group TheBlueChemistryLab)
  • Regione Campania Funds 2015 - Experimentation of an integrated patient support model in community Pharmacy. Coordinator Ettore Novellino (research group CIRFF).
  • BANDO AIFA/2012 RICERCA INDIPENDENTE 2016 - Effectiveness of informative and/or educational interventions aimed at improving the appropriate use of drugs designed for general practitioners and their patients. Coordinator Enrica Menditto (research group CIRFF).