PRIN- National Interest Research Projects

  • PRIN 2015 - New perspectives in the multitarget approach for the treatment of multiform glioblastoma. Coordinator Luciana Marinelli (research group MedChem).
  • PRIN 2015 - Top-down and Bottom-up approach in the development of new bioactive chemical entities inspired on natural products scaffolds.
    Coordinator Angela Zampella (research groups  LiRiSyMNATLEAD and NPBiotech).
  • PRIN 2015 - Anti-inflammatory activity of Glucocorticoids: new mediators and regulation of T lymphocytes activity.
    Coordinator Raffaella Sorrentino (research group GA.RE.G).
  • PRIN 2015 - The role of metabolic pathway of hydrogen sulphide in chronic obstructive pulmonary bronchopathy and pulmonary fibrosis: definition of potential therapeutic targets.
    Coordinator Giuseppe Cirino (research group GA.RE.G).
  • PRIN 2015 - Towards multi-stage drugs to fight poverty related and neglected parasitic diseases: synthetic and natural compounds directed against Leishmania, Plasmodium and Schistosoma life stages and assessment of their mechanisms of action.
    Coordinator Caterina Fattorusso (research group NeaCADD).
  • PRIN 2015 - Biological and pharmacological HDAC inhibitors in a genetic model of epilepsy and in experimental pain models: role of the microbiome and SCFAs.
    Coordinator Antonio Calignano (research group MiBut).
  • PRIN 2012 - Identification, sustainable synthesis, and efficacy of new molecular drugs in nervoussystem cancer.
    Coordinator Luciana Marinelli (research group MedChem).
  • PRIN 2012 - The endocannabinoid system as a possible target for the treatment of obesity-related disorders.
    Coordinator Roberto Russo (research group PHAMED).
  • PRIN 2012 - New pharmacological targets for the treatment of chronic pain: involvement of peripheral and central immune-inflammatory system.
    Coordinator Angela Ianaro (research group GA.RE.G).

FIRB - "Future in Research" Projects

  • FIRB 2013 - Spectroscopic and structural characterization of proteasome inhibitors. Coordinator Marco Persico (research group NeaCADD).
  • FIRB 2013 - Development of drugs that selectively activate or inhibit the Na + / Ca2+ exchanger isoforms to improve learning and memory deficits. Coordinator Francesco Frecentese (research group PS-MEDCHEM).
  • FIRB 2013 - G-quadruplex forming aptamers for the treatment of prion diseases. Coordinator Bruno Pagano (research group MedChem)
  • FIRB 2013 - Role of glia and immune-inflammatory cells in chronic pain: identification of new pharmacological targets in analgesia and peripheral and central neuroinflammation. Coordinator Elisabetta Panza (research group GA.RE.G).

PQ Projects

  • H2020 Research and Innovation Action (RIA) - EXaSCale smArt pLatform Against paThogEns for Corona Virus (EXSCALATE4CoV). Responsabile scientifico Vincenzo Summa (
  • H2020 - Stimulating Innovation Management of Polypharmacy and Adherence in The Elderly (SIMPATHY). Responsabile scientifico Enrica Menditto (gruppo di ricerca CIRFF).
  • VI PQ - Towards the harmonisation of analytical methods for monitoring quality and safety in the food chain (MONIQA). Responsabile scientifico Alberto Ritieni (gruppo di ricerca PharmaNutra).
  • VII PQ - Reinforcing capacity towards industrially relevant research on bio-inspired materials and delivery mechanisms (gruppo di ricerca BLUE4GLUE). Responsabile scientifico Sonia Laneri (gruppo di ricerca Cosmeceutica).
  •  VII PQ - Exploring Marine Resources for Bioactive Compounds: From Discovery to Sustainable Production and Industrial Applications (MAREX). Responsabile scientifico Maria Valeria D'Auria (gruppo di ricerca NATLEAD).
  • VII PQ - From gene to bioactive product: Exploiting marine genomics for an innovative and sustainable European blue biotechnology industry (BlueGenics). Responsabile scientifico Alfonso Mangoni (research group NPBiotech).
  • VII PQ - Novel integrated strategies for worldwide mycotoxin reduction in the food and feed chains (MycoRed). Responsabile scientifico Alberto Ritieni (research group PharmaNutra).
  • VII PQ - Safe Food for Europe - Coordination of research activities and Dissemination of research results of EC funded research on food safety (FOODSEG). Responsabile scientifico Alberto Ritieni (gruppo di ricerca PharmaNutra).

AIRC - Italian Association for Cancer Research

  • AIRC 2016 - Bio-inspired G-quadruplex binders: from nucleobases to new anticancer therapeutics. Coordinator Mariateresa Giustiniano (research group MedChem).
  • AIRC 2016 - Targeting DNA i-motif structures: a new frontier in anticancer therapy. Coordinator Antonio Randazzo (research group MedChem).
  • AIRC 2015 - Deorphanization of GPCRs upregulated in glioblastoma. Digging into unexplored receptors to find new anticancer drugs. Coordinator Mariano Stornaiuolo (research group MedChem).
  • AIRC 2015 - G-quadruplex-binding proteins and their functional relevance in human cancer cells. Coordinator Bruno Pagano (research group MedChem).
  • AIRC 2014 - Strategies to drive chemotherapeutics to solid tumors: multifunctional nanoparticles from tailor-made block copolymers. Coordinator Fabiana Quaglia (research group DelTech).
  • AIRC 2013 - Targeting telomeric DNA/RNA G-quadruplexes in human tumor cells. Coordinator Antonio Randazzo (research group MedChem).

  • STAR 2016 - Identification of novel Kv7 channel activators and evaluation of their neuroprotective and anticonvulsant efficacy (KNAVE). Coordinator Carmine Ostacolo (research group MedChem).
  • STAR 2014 - Targeting i-motifs throughout the human genome. Coordinator Bruno Pagano (research group MedChem).
  • STAR 2014 - SeaLEADS: Identification, expression and engineering of biosynthetic genes for the sustainable production of novel lead compounds in anticancer research from marine sources. Coordinator Roberta Teta (research group NPBiotech).
  • STAR 2013 - BREATHE - Breathing new in severe lung diseases: innovative therapeutic approaches based on inhalable formulations. Coordinator Francesca Ungaro (research group DelTech).