PHD degree in Pharmaceutical sciences - 38th course - 1st call

Denominazione assente

  • Course name: Dottorato di ricerca in Scienza del farmaco
  • Course: XXXVIII
  • Starting from: 2022–2023 (1 novembre 2022 – 31 ottobre 2025)
  • Board committee:


    MELI Rosaria



    Didactic Commission 

    MELI Rosaria (coordinator), GALDIERO StefaniaPAGANO BrunoRUSSO RobertoSEPE Valentina

    Admission Commission

    GRIECO PaoloMELI Rosaria, ZAMPELLA AngelaLAVECCHIA Antonio (first substitute), CIRINO Giuseppe (second substitute)

  • Available positions: 15 (6 con borsa finanziata dall'Ateneo, 3 con borsa D.M. 351/2022, 3 con borsa D.M. 352/2022, 1 con borsa Dip. Farmacia)
  • Course length: 3 years
  • Course affiliation: Department of Pharmacy
  • PhD candidates:
    • Dott. Abduvakhidov Avazbek

    Project: Synthesis and structural characterization of molecules with specific biological activity.

    Tutor: Prof.ssa Varra Michela, cotutor: Prof. ssa Dell'Aversano Carmela


    • Dott.ssa Barone Simona

    Project: Development of epigenetic modulators.

    Tutor: Prof.ssa Brindisi Margherita


    • Dott. Braccia Simone

    Project: Development of theranostic peptide-based nano-platforms for personalized medicine.

    Tutor: Prof.ssa Galdiero Stefania, cotutor: Prof. ssa D'Auria Gabriella


    • Dott.ssa Brusco Susy

    Project: Tackling lung barriers to inhaled drugs through engineered nanoparticles.

    Tutor: Prof.ssa Ungaro Francesca, cotutor: Prof.ssa Miro Agnese


    • Dott.ssa Casale Veronica

    Project: Role of transsulfuration pathway in the physiopathology of skeletal muscle.

    Tutor: Prof.ssa Vellecco Valentina, cotutor: Prof.ssa D'Emmanuele di Villa Bianca Roberta


    • Dott.ssa Cassese Emilia

    Project: Discovery of agents against "superbugs" with new mechanisms of action.

    Tutor: Prof. Summa Vincenzo


    • Dott.ssa Di Matteo Viviana

    Project: An innovative platform for the discovery of new marine bioactive natural substances.

    Tutor: Prof.ssa Teta Roberta, cotutor: Prof. Mangoni Alfonso


    • Dott.ssa Di Serio Teresa

    Project: Upcycling: new resources from wastes for the cosmetic market. Extraction and characterization of bioactive compounds from agro-food industries wastes.

    Tutor: Prof.ssa Laneri Sonia, cotutor: Prof.ssa Sacchi Antonella


    • Dott.ssa Maresca Daniela Claudia

    Project: The role of Innate Lymphoid Cells (ILCs) in cancer.

    Tutor: Prof. Ercolano Giuseppe


    • Dott. Napolitano Giuliano

    Project: Discovery and optimization of new ligands of Bile Acid receptors for the treatment of inflammatory and metabolic diseases.

    Tutor: Prof.ssa Festa Carmen


    • Dott. Romanelli Virgilio

    Project: Artificial intelligence-assisted design of novel PPAR/FXR modulators for the treatment of liver diseases.

    Tutor: Prof. Lavecchia Antonio, cotutor: Prof.ssa De Biase Margherita


    • Dott.ssa Serino Marianna

    Project: Outcome research as a key in the regulatory process of Gene Therapies: development and validation of a Pharmacoeconomics predictive algorithm for the decision making process.

    Tutor: Prof.ssa Orlando Valentina


    • Dott. TKachuk Oleh

    Project: Identification of new bioactive molecules by computational methods.

    Tutor: Prof.ssa Fattorusso Caterina, cotutor: Prof. Persico Marco


    • Dott. Villapiano Fabrizio

    Project: Physicochemical and bioengineering studies of drug-macromolecules interactions for therapeutic applications.

    Tutor: Prof. Biondi Marco, cotutor: Prof.ssa Giancola Concetta

  • Useful information:

    Doctoral Course in Pharmaceutical Sciences – XXXVIII cycle – List of topis for the oral admission

     Topic #  Title   Tutor e co-tutor

    Topic 1

    Development of computational methods in Pharmacoeconomic and Drug utilization field based on Real World Data (RWD) to generate evidence for decision-making

    Prof.ssa Orlando Valentina 

    D.M. 351 (Pubblica Amministrazione) 


    Topic 2

    Discovery and optimization of new GPBAR1 agonists for the treatment of inflammatory and metabolic diseases

     Prof.ssa Festa Carmen 

    D.M. 352 convenzione BAR Pharmaceuticals Srl

    Topic 3

    Development of small molecule modulators of epigenetic targets

     Prof.ssa Brindisi Margherita 

    D.M. 352 convenzione Dompè farmaceutici S.p.A.

    Topic 4

    Discovery of new agents against "superbugs" with novel mechanism of action

     Prof. Summa Vincenzo 

    D.M. 352 convenzione Sybylla Biotech srl

    Topic 5

    A comprehensive pipeline for the discovery of new bioactive marine natural products

      Proff. Teta Roberta e Mangoni Alfonso


    Topic 6

    Multi-omic studies to develop effective anti-cancer drugs from DNA G-quadruplex and i-motif ligands

      Proff. Randazzo Antonio e Limongelli Vittorio


    Topic 7

    Design, synthesis, physicochemical characterization, and biological evaluations of new drugs for inflammatory-based disease treatment

      Proff. Rimoli Maria Grazia e Albrizio Stefania


    Topic 8

    Identification of new bioactive molecules by computational methods

      Proff. Fattorusso Caterina e Persico Marco


    Topic 9

    Role of trans-sulfuration pathway in skeletal muscle physiopathology

      Proff. Vellecco Valentina e D'Emmanuele Roberta


    Topic 10

    Function and therapeutic potential of N-acyl taurines in gastrointestinal diseases

      Proff. Borrelli Francesca e Izzo Angelo Antonio


    Topic 11

    Anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective effects of a new FPR2 receptor agonist evaluated in a human model of Fragile X Syndrome

      Proff. Volpicelli Floriana e Lippiello Pellegrino


    Topic 12

    Synthesis and structural characterization of new photo-responsive molecular systems endowed with biological activities

      Proff. Varra Michela e Dell'Aversano Carmela


    Topic 13

    Investigating the individual contribution of inflammatory chemokine receptors (iCCRs) to cardiovascular disease

      Proff. Maffia Pasquale e De Simone Alfonso


    Topic 14

    Nanoparticle-mediated delivery of drugs and nucleic acid therapeutics for cancer treatment: physicochemical and technological studies

      Proff. Biondi Marco e Giancola Concetta


    Topic 15

    Artificial intelligence and deep learning-assisted design of novel Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptors ligands for the treatment of non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH)

      Proff. Lavecchia Antonio e De Biase Margherita


    Topic 16

    Insight sin seleno-proteins interactions with metal complexes to develop new bioinorganic drugs. Studies of model systems with high toxic heavy metals

      Proff. Tesauro Diego e De Marco Anna


    Topic 17

    Personalized medicine: development of theranostic nano-platforms based peptides against cancer

      Proff. Galdiero Stefania e D'Auria Gabriella


    Topic 18

    Upcycling: new resources from waste for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic market

      Proff. Sacchi Antonia e Laneri Sonia


    Topic 19

    Advanced nano- and micro-technologies for pulmonary delivery of small molecules and biotherapeutics

      Proff. Ungaro Francesca e Miro Agnese


     Topic 20  Novel serotoninergic ligands for breast cancer treatment

      Proff. Fiorino Ferdinando e Santagada Vincenzo


     Topic 21  The role of innate lymphoid cells (ILC) in cancer development and progression

      Dott. Giuseppe Ercolano



    Admission tests results for XXXVIII cycle