Research activity

The Department of Pharmacy (DP) promotes and undertakes applied research in the field of all disciplines aimed at the discovery and development of new drugs and at the identification of innovative therapeutic strategies. The DP promotes and develops the scientific culture and coordinates related activities, maintaining the research autonomy of each individual member of staff.

In particular, the DP provides for the diffusion of the research results, for permanent and certified training, and for the transfer of knowledge and technologies as factors of socio-economic development. It also supplies services to the local area by means of agreements, conventions and activities for third parties in accordance with current regulations.

The DP research activities are made possible and supported by researchers particularly active in various disciplinary sectors who effectively integrate their different competences, methodological approaches and technological resources, which they exploit in the planning, realization and evaluation of new drugs and innovative diagnostic and therapeutic instruments.

The DP is located in the CUN 03 (Chemical Sciences) and 05 (Biological Sciences) areas. It is the department of reference for the Doctorate School of Research in Drug Sciences (, which aims to satisfy the demands to provide interdisciplinary knowledge in the field of the training of qualified professionals who operate in the area of pharmaceutical research, both basic and applied.