The Call for Admission to the PhD Degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences is issued every year between April and June.

The application must be submitted exclusively by electronic procedure until 3.00 pm on 07/19/2022. Undergraduates can also apply as long as they achieve the qualification by the date of enrollment in the course.

The oral exam will be held on 5/09/2022 at 9.30 am at AULA A, Corpo D of the Department of Pharmacy in via Domenico Montesano 49, 80131 Napoli, (NA).

Possible reference for further information: Dr. Rosa De Vivo tel. 081-678745

Admission procedure

Evaluation of qualifications: admission of candidates is based on the evaluation of their Curriculum studiorum and on the qualifications presented at the time of application. In compiling their CVs, candidates must include the following information:

  • date of graduation and grade of the master's degree
  • detailed list of exams taken and relative marks
  • any scholarships or research grants obtained (and similar qualifications)
  • certificates of participation in post-graduate university courses
  • certificates of participation in previous research groups
  • certificates of participation in internships
  • prizes or other qualifications that can be evaluated (eg second degrees, etc.)

The request for admission may possibly be supplemented by a summary of the degree thesis, the list of any scientific publications and a possible reference letter from a university professor.

Linguistic knowledge: Candidates must also demonstrate good knowledge of a foreign language. Knowledge of the foreign language will be assessed by reading and translating a text (identified during the test itself) into the foreign language chosen by the candidate among those determined by the announcement, and a brief conversation on the content of what has been read.

Oral exam: the oral exam is aimed at ensuring a suitable comparative evaluation of the candidates and at ascertaining the preparation and aptitude of the candidate for scientific research. The qualifications and topics covered by the oral exam must be relevant to the relevant scientific-disciplinary sectors of the PhD course; the interview will focus on a specific topic chosen by the candidate from the 21 topics listed in the table below.

Doctoral Course in Pharmaceutical Sciences – XXXVIII cycle – List of topis for the oral admission

 Topic #  Title   Tutor e co-tutor

Topic 1

Development of computational methods in Pharmacoeconomic and Drug utilization field based on Real World Data (RWD) to generate evidence for decision-making

Prof.ssa Orlando Valentina 

D.M. 351 (Pubblica Amministrazione) 


Topic 2

Discovery and optimization of new GPBAR1 agonists for the treatment of inflammatory and metabolic diseases

 Prof.ssa Festa Carmen 

D.M. 352 convenzione BAR Pharmaceuticals Srl

Topic 3

Development of small molecule modulators of epigenetic targets

 Prof.ssa Brindisi Margherita 

D.M. 352 convenzione Dompè farmaceutici S.p.A.

Topic 4

Discovery of new agents against "superbugs" with novel mechanism of action

 Prof. Summa Vincenzo 

D.M. 352 convenzione Sybylla Biotech srl

Topic 5

A comprehensive pipeline for the discovery of new bioactive marine natural products

  Proff. Teta Roberta e Mangoni Alfonso


Topic 6

Multi-omic studies to develop effective anti-cancer drugs from DNA G-quadruplex and i-motif ligands

  Proff. Randazzo Antonio e Limongelli Vittorio


Topic 7

Design, synthesis, physicochemical characterization, and biological evaluations of new drugs for inflammatory-based disease treatment

  Proff. Rimoli Maria Grazia e Albrizio Stefania


Topic 8

Identification of new bioactive molecules by computational methods

  Proff. Fattorusso Caterina e Persico Marco


Topic 9

Role of trans-sulfuration pathway in skeletal muscle physiopathology

  Proff. Vellecco Valentina e D'Emmanuele Roberta


Topic 10

Function and therapeutic potential of N-acyl taurines in gastrointestinal diseases

  Proff. Borrelli Francesca e Izzo Angelo Antonio


Topic 11

Anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective effects of a new FPR2 receptor agonist evaluated in a human model of Fragile X Syndrome

  Proff. Volpicelli Floriana e Lippiello Pellegrino


Topic 12

Synthesis and structural characterization of new photo-responsive molecular systems endowed with biological activities

  Proff. Varra Michela e Dell'Aversano Carmela


Topic 13

Investigating the individual contribution of inflammatory chemokine receptors (iCCRs) to cardiovascular disease

  Proff. Maffia Pasquale e De Simone Alfonso


Topic 14

Nanoparticle-mediated delivery of drugs and nucleic acid therapeutics for cancer treatment: physicochemical and technological studies

  Proff. Biondi Marco e Giancola Concetta


Topic 15

Artificial intelligence and deep learning-assisted design of novel Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptors ligands for the treatment of non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH)

  Proff. Lavecchia Antonio e De Biase Margherita


Topic 16

Insight sin seleno-proteins interactions with metal complexes to develop new bioinorganic drugs. Studies of model systems with high toxic heavy metals

  Proff. Tesauro Diego e De Marco Anna


Topic 17

Personalized medicine: development of theranostic nano-platforms based peptides against cancer

  Proff. Galdiero Stefania e D'Auria Gabriella


Topic 18

Upcycling: new resources from waste for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic market

  Proff. Sacchi Antonia e Laneri Sonia


Topic 19

Advanced nano- and micro-technologies for pulmonary delivery of small molecules and biotherapeutics

  Proff. Ungaro Francesca e Miro Agnese


 Topic 20  Novel serotoninergic ligands for breast cancer treatment

  Proff. Fiorino Ferdinando e Santagada Vincenzo


 Topic 21  The role of innate lymphoid cells (ILC) in cancer development and progression

  Dott. Giuseppe Ercolano



Admission tests results for XXXVIII cycle

Admission tests results for XXXVII cycle