Denominazione assente

  • Course name: PhD course in Nutraceuticals, functional foods and human health
  • Course: XXXVIII
  • Starting from: 2022-2023
  • Board committee:

    PhD Coordinator

    RITIENI Alberto

    BUCCI MariarosariaCAROTENUTO AlfonsoCICALA CarlaDE ROSA Giuseppe, FONTE PEREZ Guillermina (Spagna), KATERERE David (Sudafrica), IRACE CarloIZZO Angelo Antonio, LESHWENI Jeremia Shai (Sudafrica), LANERI SoniaLEMBO FrancescaLIMONGELLI Vittorio, MANES Jordi (Spagna), MATTACE RASO GiuseppinaPERRONE CAPANO CarlaPERSICO MarcoRANDAZZO Antonio, RUIZ LEAL Maria Josè (Spagna), MECA Giuseppe (Spagna), RODRIGUEZ CARRASCO Yelko (Spagna), RUSSO AnnapinaRUSSO GiuliaSANTAMARIA Rita, SAVASTANO Silvia, SORRENTINO RaffaellaTARTAGLIONE LucianaTENORE Gian CarloVACCARO Olga

    PhD Admission Board

    IZZO Angelo AntonioRANDAZZO AntonioTENORE Gian Carlo

  • Available positions: 9 (7 with fellowship)
  • Course length: 3 years
  • Course affiliation: Department of Pharmacy
  • PhD candidates:
    • Dr. McDONALD Emma 

    Project title: Dissecting immunometabolic pathways in cardiovascular disease 

    Tutor: Prof. MAFFIA Pasquale

    • Dr. RICCI Lucia

    Project title: Innovative green active ingredients for human wellness: analysis, characterization and efficacy evaluation

    Tutor: Prof. LANERI Sonia

    • Dr. CIRIACO Lidia

    Project title: Valorization of waste residues of agro-industrial origin

    Tutor: Prof. GRIECO Paolo

    • Dr. ROMANO Francesca

    Project title: Multi-omic studies on nutraceutical products

    Tutor: Prof. RANDAZZO Antonio

    • Dr. BUCCATO Daniele Giuseppe

    Project title: Research and development of new ingredients for food supplements

    Tutor: Prof. DAGLIA Maria

    • Dr. DE LELLIS Lorenza Francesca

    Project title: Efficacy of food supplements: study of nutritive and physiological effects

    Tutor: Prof. DAGLIA Maria

    • Dr. MARZOCCHI Adua 

    Project title: Vertical farms and plant stem cells, as biofactories of enhanced, safe and eco-sustainable phytocomplexes

    Tutor: Prof. GRIECO Paolo

    • Dr. ARMINI Vincenzo

    Project title: Design, improvement and characterization of anhydrous spreads for special nutrition in developing countries

    Tutor: Prof.DINI Irene