The call for applications for the PhD course in in Nutraceuticals, Fucntional Foods and Human Health (XXXIX cycle) is available at

Admission procedure

Written exam: For the XXXIX cycle there is no written exam.

Evaluation of qualifications: admission of candidates is based on the evaluation of their CV and on the qualifications presented at the time of application. In compiling their CV, candidates must include the following information:

  • date of graduation and grade of the master's degree
  • detailed list of the exams taken and relative marks
  • any scholarships or research grants obtained (and similar qualifications)
  • certificates of participation in post-graduate university courses
  • certificates of participation in previous research groups
  • certificates of stage participation
  • awards or other qualifications (e.g. additional degrees)

The request for admission may possibly be supplemented by a summary of the degree thesis, the list of any scientific publications and a possible reference letter from a university professor.

Linguistic knowledge: Candidates must also demonstrate good knowledge of a non-Italian language, to be chosen among English, French, Spanish and German languages.

Oral examination (Interview): It is aimed at ensuring a suitable comparative evaluation of the candidates and at ascertaining the knowledge and aptitude of the candidates for scientific research. The interview will focus on a specific topic chosen by each candidate among the topics listed in the table reported below. The interview will be held on September 13, 2023 at 10.30, in the "Sala del Consiglio", first floor, Unit C, Department of Pharmacy, 49 Domenico Montesano street, Naples

 Selected topics for oral examination (XXXIX cycle)


Tutor and co-tutor

Research program 

Topic 1

Ester Pagano, Angelo A. Izzo

Nutraceutical potential of TRPV dietary ligands in gastrointestinal diseases driven by inflammation

Topic 2

Francesco Maione, Valentina Vellecco

Dietary-derived compounds as a source of nutraceuticals for autoimmune and inflammatory-based diseases

Topic 3

Sonia Laneri, Antonia Sacchi

Analysis of natural cosmetic active ingredients by Green biotechnology

Topic 4

Irene Dini, Luana Izzo

Metabolomic analysis and validation of analytical methods for enhancing the nutraceutical products' quality

Topic 5

Simona De Marino, Maria Valeria D'Auria

Natural compounds and nature-inspired derivatives as potential anti-inflammatory/anticancer agents

Topic 6

Valeria Costantino, Gabriele Fontana

Data Science in health supplement and pharmaceutical innovation

Topic 7

Giuseppina Chianese, Orazio Taglialatela Scafati

Nutraceutical potential of Cannabis sativa L. extracts – expansion of chemical and biological space

Topic 8

Michela Grosso, Luana Izzo

Enhancement of mountain agro-food biodiversity in the context of the Mediterranean diet

Topic 9

Giulia Russo, Annapina Russo

β-carotene plus 5-FU: a promising strategy to fight uL3-mediated drug resistance in colorectal cancer cells

Topic 10

Carmela Dell'Aversano, Michela Varra

Emerging toxins in Italian seas and risks for human health


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