The call for applications for each new PhD cycle in Nutraceuticals, Fucntional Foods and Human Health was published on 20/06/22 and the submission of applications is open until 15.00 on 19/07/2022. The oral exam will be held on 6/09/2022 at 10.00 at the Meeting Room, first floor, Unit C of the Department of Pharmacy in via Domenico Montesano 49, 80131 Napoli, (NA).
Admission procedure
Evaluation of qualifications: admission of candidates is based on the evaluation of their Curriculum studiorum and on the qualifications presented at the time of application. In compiling their CVs, candidates must include the following information:
  • date of graduation and grade of the master's degree
  • detailed list of the exams taken and relative marks
  • any scholarships or research grants obtained (and similar qualifications)
  • certificates of participation in post-graduate university courses
  • certificates of participation in previous research groups
  • certificates of participation in internships
  • prizes or other qualifications that can be evaluated (e.g. second degrees, etc.)
The request for admission may possibly be supplemented by a summary of the degree thesis, the list of any scientific publications and a possible reference letter from a university professor.
Linguistic knowledge: Candidates must also demonstrate good knowledge of a foreign language, to be chosen from English, French, Spanish and German.
Oral examination: It is aimed at ensuring a suitable comparative evaluation of the candidates and at ascertaining the preparation and aptitude of the candidate for scientific research. The interview will focus on a specific topic chosen by the candidate from the 12 topics listed in the table below.
Written exam: For the XXXVIII cycle there is no written exam.
Topic # Tutors Title

Topic 1

Antonio Randazzo, Vittorio Limongelli

Multi-omics studies of nutraceuticals

Topic 2

Valentina Vellecco, Roberta d'Emmanuele di Villa Bianca

Natural Sulfur Compounds as a new alternative/additive approach in skeletal muscle disorders

Topic 3

Paolo Grieco, Barbara Maglione

Valorization of waste residues of Agro-industrial origin

Topic 4

Paolo Grieco, Rosaria Santarcangelo

Vertical farms and plant stem cells, as biofactories of enhanced, safe and eco-sustainable phytocomplexes

Topic 5

Simona De Marino, Maria Valeria D'Auria

Natural products from poly-extremophilic marine fungi in the treatment of emerging infectious diseases

Topic 6

Maria Daglia, Alessandro Di Minno

Development of new nutraceuticals from plants typical of the Mediterranean area with health effects in the prevention of metabolic syndrome

Topic 7

Maria Daglia, Alessandro Di Minno

Development of new food supplements for mood improvement

Topic 8

Antonio Lavecchia, Francesco Frecentese

Artificial intelligence and deep learning-assisted design of natural products and dietary compounds as novel Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptors ligands for the treatment of non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH)

Topic 9

Pasquale Maffia, Alfonso De Simone

Dissecting Immunometabolic Pathways in Cardiovascular Disease

Topic 10

Francesca Borrelli, Angelo Antonio Izzo

Nutraceutical potential of N-acyl taurines in gastrointestinal diseases

Topic 11

Alberto Ritieni, Irene Dini

Edible flowers as sources of bioactive ingredients for nutraceuticals and / or functional foods

Topic 12

Antonia Sacchi, Sonia Laneri

Nutricosmetics: analysis, characterization and efficacy of new natural active ingredients for the individual's well-being


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