Spring School for PhD students "Transferable Skills"

Spring School Soft Skills 2020

The "Transferable Skills Spring School (TSSS) is organized every year by the International Committee of the Department of Pharmacy in collaboration with the University of Glasgow (UK) in the frame of the program activities of the PhD School in Pharmaceutical Sciences. The School will be leaded by an international academic committee.
Academic Commitee:
Valeria Costantino, University of Naples Federico II
Maria Valeria D'Auria, University of Naples Federico II
Rosaria Meli, University of Naples Federico II
Philippe Chereau, Skema Business School, Sophia Antipolis, Francia
Pasquale Maffia, University of Glasgow, UK
Communicating research results to stakeholders and potential companies, building up a research career, writing scientific papers and job applications and managing interviews are often difficult tasks for young researchers. The "Soft Skills" Spring School has been thought to train PhD students to develop communication/dissemination skills through their participation to training sessions focused on the following topics: public engagements, building research careers, MSCA fellowships, job applications, organization of international events, writing of papers, mastering Interviews and public speeches.
The next edition will start on May the 6th: Stay tuned! For info please send an email to costanti@unina.it.