Erasmus+ programme: Study abroad & Exchange programs

Erasmus +: WHAT IS?

Erasmus + is a European Union program for education, training, youth and sport for the period 2020-2027. One of the objectives of the program is to offer greater opportunities for learning mobility and to strengthen cooperation between the education and training worlds and the work reality. Mobility can include a period of study at a partner institution or an internship or the acquisition of experience as an assistant or trainee abroad. Mobility organized on the basis of high-quality joint, double or multiple degrees is also supported.

Within the framework of ERASMUS +, the Department of Pharmacy is committed to promoting exchanges, cooperation and mobility of students and teachers.


Erasmus +: WHO?

As part of international mobility, students regularly enrolled in master's and three-year degree courses can participate to the call for applications for specific scholarships, which will allow to spend a period of study lasting from three to six months, at a European partner university.


How to apply

Does your University have an agreement with the Department of Pharmacy of University of Naples Federico II?

  • Check our mobility partners to see if we have an Erasmus+ Agreement with your University in your subject of study.
  • We can only accept Erasmus students from partner institutions we have Erasmus+ Agreements with. 


Academic calendar

Check that the academic calendar of University of Naples Federico II aligns with your home university's calendar.

  • Semester 1: September – February
  • Semester 2: February- July     

Final exams will be held according to the following scheduling:

  • Jan-Feb (3 exam dates scheduled for each subject)
  • June-July (3 exam dates scheduled for each subject)
  • September (1 exam date scheduled for each subject)

Each student may choose which session to attend and, if unsuccessful, may attend subsequent sessions of the same session.


Three main holiday breaks:

  • around two weeks during Christmas time
  • one week during Easter time
  • the entire month of August



Upon arrival at the University of Naples Federico II, the students will be assigned a personal serial number. This number is a student identifier and will also be used to attend specific courses with a high number of students. The students attending these classes will be split in two groups according to odd (‘MATRICOLE DISPARI') or even serial number (‘MATRICOLE PARI'). Erasmus students can freely choose which group to attend.

Furthermore, be informed that the elective courses will be held exclusively on the Microsoft Teams platform. Please contact the course lecturer for further details.



Student life including accommodation

Welcome to the University of Naples! We wish you a successful and happy stay and we hope the information below will help you prepare and make the most of your time in Naples


Welcome and Accommodation


Resources and information for private accommodation options can be found at the following webpages:


Spare time in Naples