The department of Pharmacy (DF) offers both didactic activities and basic and applied research activites in all those disciplines oriented toward the discovery of new pharmaceutical targets, the creation of new drugs and the development of innovative therapeutic strategies.

The DF promotes academic research and the improvement of scientific culture. In this attempt, it coordinates all the academic activities, granting at the same time the scientific autonomy of its components.  

Specifically, the DF aims to:

  • broadcast the results of scientific research,
  • offer certified formative course,
  • transmitt scientific and technological knowledge as factors of socio-economic development,
  • offer specialised service to the territory and to third parties through agreements and conventions in conformity with the current regulation.
The current degree program available at the DF are:
  • Bachelor's Degree in Nutraceutical Sciences
  • Bachelor's Degree in Quality Control of Pharmaceutical Products
  • Bachelor's Degree in Herbal Sciences
  • Master's Degree in Pharmaceutical Biotechnologies
  • BS+MS Degree in Pharmacy (Laurea a ciclo unico)
  • BS+MS Degree in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technologies (Laurea a ciclo unico)

Moreover, the DF offers:

  • PhD Course in Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Specialisation School in Hospital Pharmacy
  • Specialisation School in Evaluation and Managment of Chemical Risk
  • Master in Cosmetic Sciences and Technologies
  • Master in Pre-Clinic and Clinic Drug Development and Post-Marketing Monitoring