Admission and enrolment procedures

Foreign citizen interested to enroll at a Federico II degree course must provide the following documents in order to be admitted to the chosen degree course:
  1. Admission request headed to the Rector (see annex)
  2. High School certificate or Bachelor degree certificate issued by a competent office, translated into Italian (only if not issued by School/University directly in English, French or Spanish); 
  3. Bachelor degree Transcript of Records obtained abroad containing the list of the exams and their grades (only if degree certificate is written in a language different from Italian, English, French, Spanish, must attach to the submitted documentation an official translation of the degree certificate in one of the languages mentioned above, together with a legal declaration of local value by the Italian Embassy in the country where the degree certificate was obtained) or Diploma Supplement (DS) (only for EU citizens) issued by a competent office in English language, if available;
  4. Declaration of Value (DoV) (only for non-EU citizen or for EU citizen who cannot provide DS) issued by the Italian Diplomatic Representative, related to the Bachelor degree, if available. This document attests the validity of your degree and its correspondence to a first cycle degree, and allows you to pursue your studies in the second cycle. The Declaration of Value is issued by the Italian Diplomatic Representative in the country the educational system of your undergraduate diploma refers to;
  5. Detailed description of the attended courses and passed exams;
  6. Passport scan;
  7. Any other document deemed useful to the admission;
  8. stamp of € 16,00
All the documents listed above must be delivered to the chosen degree course Register's Office.
Please consider that Transcript of Records and Declaration of Value must be duly apostilled (only if the country where the diploma has been achieved is part of The Hague Convention abolishing requirement for legalization of foreign public documents). Apostilles authenticate the seals and signatures of officials on public documents, so that they can be recognized in foreign countries that are parties of the Convention.
Please visit to view the list of countries that have signed the Convention and the authority in charge of Apostille. If your country is not part of the list, Transcript of Records and Declaration of Value must be legalized by the Italian Diplomatic representatives.
In case of missing documentation, in accordance with the existing rules, Federico II University can deny the admission. 
Moreover, admitted students MUST PERSONALLY contact the Italian Diplomatic Representative to provide them with the necessary documents and information. Not doing so could cause the rejection of your Visa.

What to do once you have been admitted

Once candidate has been admitted to the chosen degree course he/she must submit to the Registration Office of the Degree Course they intend to enrol the following documentation: 
  1. application form issued by Registration Office, and also available on the website ;
  2. two equal photos duly signed;
  3. one two-sided photocopy of a valid identity document (ID) (together with the original to be shown); 
  4. fiscal code (to obtain tax code please contact International Students Union ( Please consider that to obtain it at least 48 h are required);
  5. receipt of payment of the first installment of the tuition fees and the regional tax. 

Download Annex 1